Maltsev Ivan F. Interior arts.
Русская версия

Painter and designer, born in 1939 in Olkovy (Kirov region, north-east central Russia). From little up tended to be an artist or an aircraft constructor. Finally became a painter and created scores of mythical and innovative worlds and constructions on his pictorial drawings and designs for buildings and interiors.

Graduate from Ural Art and Industry School and in 1958 - Moscow High School of Art and Industry (formerly Stroganov School). From 1980 is a member of Russian Painters Union.

«I work because of my certain way of thinking and resonant voice of my soul...
...At first an artist tries to find intuitively a comprehensible for the audience decorative manner and language. But then, if he founds it, he becomes indifferent for what the others understand or not. He just does what he has to

His muse and wife, also a painter Tatyana Maltseva (Leonova), was born in 1946 and spent her childhood in post-war East Germany. She gave birth to three daughters; two of them became artists too. Ivan F. an Tatyana V. worked for several years in Soviet Czechoslovakia, developing exhibition decorative art.

They constructed family house, designed according to their own project, and planted many-many prolific trees.

For ongoing life.

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